The first investigation blood and urine tests

Fertility tests :

  • Estradiol levels day 2-3 of cycle should read blow 80 pmol/l
    (can read anything up to 500 suggesting menopause )
  • FSH reading day 2-3 of cycle 10 or below is optimum for IVF cycles
  • Luteinising Hormone (LH) mid cycle measured by urinary oestrogeon gives indication ovulation may take place within 36 hrs of fertile window, not always conclusive, may be backed up by an ultra sound scan.
  • Progesterone levels above 30 nmol/l day 21 good indication of ovulation.
  • 16 nmol/l -30 nmol/l- strong possibility of ovulation less than 16 nmol/l poor chance of ovulation (if consistently low results then a referral is needed).