We are having twin girls

“Me and Mark would like to thank you for all your support. I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Without your dedication to your profession we might not of got here.

You even came to our house to treat me on a Sunday at 10pm after embroyo transfer. I am convinced that having your treatments alongside IVF helped this cycle become successful.

We are having twin girls.

I would recommend your services to anyone. I heard of you from a lady at work who also had success with having her baby girl. Just wish I had found you sooner.”

So happy to help at any time, to see the happiness that having a family brings to my clients gives me the drive to go to any lengths to help achieve that goal. Sometimes it is essential for acupuncture treatments to be given at the critical points in the cycle so I will go out of my way to make it work. I have a wall full of baby photographs at my Leamington Clinic to prove it :))

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