One lovely little heartbeat

“Hiya, hope you’re ok. Had a scan today & there’s one lovely little heartbeat. Wouldn’t have got to this stage without your help. Can I book in for the monthly sessions now? Thanks, J x”

I saw this lovely couple who were about to embark on their 3rd round of IVF / ICSI. They wanted to make sure that this time would work for them so they came to see me.

We made sure that this time, an endometrial scratch was done and that all of her immune issues were recorded and treated. I gave counselling prior to starting the process as the couple had been impacted by a bereavement of a very close family member, which put even more pressure on them for this time to work!

I gave acupuncture through the IVF cycle and this time we were successful. I gave acupuncture treatment throughout the Pregnancy and now this couple have a beautiful baby girl.

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