Jacqueline was supportive and committed throughout:

“My first appointment with Jacqueline I was very tearful. I couldn’t stop crying as it all seemed like a lonely and difficult place. What started with me and my partner smiling at each other and saying “let’s have a baby” had become blood tests and unpleasant exams at the infertility clinic.

From the start Jacqueline was sympathetic while being extremely practical. Her knowledge of fertility medicine and the services available in Coventry and beyond was invaluable. Starting IVF can be scary, mostly because it’s a big unknown. I didn’t know how I was going to feel, whether I should take time off work or how much of my normal life should be suspended. Jacqueline told me about other women in similar situations, how they felt and dealt with things. She leant me books, gave me information sheets and helped me interpret what was happening. The acupuncture treatment itself I found extremely levelling and it enabled me to stay calm and determined during this difficult stage of my life. Jacqueline was supportive and committed throughout – even if that meant appointments at 6.30am before egg transfer!

I definitely owe Jacqueline a huge thanks for everything. We were over-the-moon to get a *very* faint positive pregnancy test and even happier to see a flickering heart beat at 7 weeks! I wanted to say to anyone going through fertility treatment to hang in there. I’d really recommend seeing Jacqueline – I’m sure she made all the difference to our outcome. Jacqueline’s a real gem and Coventry’s lucky to have her.”

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