I will never forget

“Hi Jacqui so sorry all been a bit of a daze I will email you some pics tomorrow for def. And hopefully you might be able to pop over and meet baby soon? We should put something on the diary for def. I will never forget that I’d if wasn’t for your advice and support we might not have this precious miracle xx”

I saw this lovely couple who had experienced 2 very tragic miscarriages, the last at 17 weeks. Understandably this situation was not only devastating but also made the prospect of trying again a fearful one.

We looked at supplements and made sure that all aspects of nutrition were covered. There was a blood clotting issue so Clexane was prescribed. On the 3rd cycle of acupuncture we got a positive pregnancy test. I supported throughout the pregnancy with Acupuncture and regular reassuring ultrasound scans. This couple now have a beautiful baby girl.

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