“Jacqui , Thank you for all your help and support in conceiving our Little Angel. Next stop a Puppy!!!

I saw this lovely couple who where about to embark on their next round of IVF / ICSI. They had already suffered 3 recurrent miscarriages and a failed IVF attempt. Now they wanted to make sure that they were successful and that they were going to choose the right clinic so they came to see me.

We chose Care in Nottingham for the next cycle. They offered the Array CGH testing that this case needed. I gave electro acupuncture to begin treatment before the IVF cycle to help prepare for the assisted cycle. We looked at the best supplements and also started Fertility Yoga to help with stress levels and blood flow. I gave acupuncture treatment during the assisted protocol. We were successful with the first treatment but sadly this ended in an early miscarriage.

After the couple had taken a short break from fertility they decided to try again and again we were successful! I gave anti-miscarriage treatments and again monthly acupuncture treatment once the pregnancy was stable. The couple now have a beautiful little boy.

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