Jacqueline you are one of a kind.

“I met Jacqueline back in September and she has been amazing right from the start. She gave me very valuable advice and lots of books and information to help me during my IVF treatment. I felt very well during my treatment and found the acupuncture very relaxing and calming and it made me feel very balanced.

The day after egg collection we had a call from the embryologist to say none of our eggs had fertilised. This was a very hard time and Jacqueline has been so supportive even offering to see me just so we can talk. As many of you know this would have been the end of our free treatment with the hospital, however Jacqueline gave me great advice and help in encouraging me to write to the hospital and ask for some help for funding another cycle. To our amazement the hospital have been very generous and have agreed to do this.

Without Jacqueline I would not have even thought to have done this, she was supportive and encouraging at every opportunity. One thing that is apparent when I go to see Jacqueline is that this is not just a job for her this is her life and her and Ray genuinely want to help people.
Thank you Jacqueline you are one of a kind.”

When things go wrong sometimes it is really useful to have someone on your side to help to sort things out. I am really happy to support and be that person.

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