Romilly is growing fast and is doing really well.

“After I suffered a second, late, miscarriage I sought out other therapies in addition to the NHS tests that I was undergoing to help my husband and I to conceive again quickly and to support me in carrying a baby to term. When I met Jacqui I felt that she had so much empathy with my situation, was so knowledgeable about the subject and so practical in the support that she could give me. I started regular acupuncture sessions alongside other treatment for two blood-clotting disorders that had been identified by the NHS tests.

Almost immediately I began to have a great feeling of well-being and my regular chats with Jacqui re-inforced this to keep me in a positive frame of mind. I conceived fairly quickly and Jacqui was the first person I told about the good news, after my husband!

My sessions with Jacqui then focussed on helping support my growing baby and also on allaying the great worry I was feeling that things might go wrong again. I found that during the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, and until I had got past the point at which I miscarried my second pregnancy, Jacqui was an absolute rock. It was wonderful to have someone with whom I could talk openly and honestly about my fears, as well as my hopes. Jacqui really supported me every step of the way.

As the weeks went by, and I grew more heavily pregnant, my fears were slowly replaced by the dawning realisation that I was actually going to have a baby this time! On 28th August my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter who has already brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. I am so thankful to Jacqui for helping me through the highs and lows of conception and early pregnancy; I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who might find themselves, sadly, in a similar situation to the one I was in.

(It was a long road!) – once again, heartfelt thanks.

R x”

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