She’s one in a million. Thank you Jacqui.

“I can honestly say I wouldn’t consider going through any fertility treatment without Jacqui. She’s been an absolute rock and has been such an incredible support throughout our treatment.

This isn’t simply a job for Jacqui; she invests so much time and energy into her patients, and has such incredible empathy, knowledge and experience of infertility issues that she should be considered a real expert in her field.

She has an extensive network of contacts (including the CRM in Coventry and the Zita West network) and such a vast knowledge of fertility issues which made the whole process of determining the right course of treatment and navigating what is often a mind-boggling and emotionally tumultuous process all the more easier.

Jacqui has always provided positive, but unobtrusive guidance at every stage, helping to make sense of the maze of IVF and infertility issues. It was her advice, guidance and emotional support that I found invaluable, bridging that gap (and in my case clearing up the confusion!!) that often resulted from all too brief hospital appointments. The acupuncture treatment itself was reassuring and calming and made a huge difference to my wellbeing and how positive I felt during my treatment.

Jacqui has been an absolute saviour and without her, I don’t think I’d have got through the 2 rounds of IVF I’ve done in one piece!!

She is simply amazing. The kindest, most compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive person I’ve ever met and I can’t thank her enough for getting me through the last couple of years. If you’re thinking of undergoing fertility treatment, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending seeing Jacqui. She’s one in a million. Thank you Jacqui.

C xxx”

IVF / ICSI | Acupuncture