Our Beautiful little girl

“Our Beautiful little girl was born today at 10.40Am weighing 7lbs 14oz xxxxx”

I first saw this lovely couple in Sept 2012, the couple were receiving treatment at Coventry University Hospital (CRM) and the reasons for fertility treatment were: AMH measuring 11 pmol/l (34 years old), immune issues, blocked fallopian tubes due to adhesions discovered after an ectopic pregnancy and showing signs of anaemia, male factor anti-sperm antibodies.

The couple’s first IVF cycle unfortunately failed, however the cycle response was very good so they had 5 frozen excellent quality blastocyst. The First question was if best to go with a fresh cycle or have a frozen transfer (FET).

We discussed the possibilities and I presented the current research on FET, suggesting that in fact in Japan they will only carry out FET, some of the rationale for this being that the body can be drug free (unless oestrogen etc is required to help thicken uterine lining). There is less trauma to the womb, having not just gone through egg collection, we know that the embryos are strong and very good quality as they have gone through the embryo scope and survived the freezing and thaw process.

The first 4 acupuncture treatments were electro, my aim was to help bring blood supply to the uterus. We did not need to work on follicular development as we already and the frozen embryos. Then day 5 after ovulation on the day of embryo transfer I gave pre and post acupuncture treatment. Then acupuncture again a few days later to help with implantation. After a positive pregnancy test and first scan I saw this client for monthly acupuncture treatment. During the final 4 weeks we worked on getting ready for the birth. This involves a weekly acupuncture treatment. The final acupuncture treatment was to help in early labour.

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