On my third IVF attempt

“I came to Jacqui on my third IVF attempt. I had received acupuncture elsewhere for my first two attempts. Jacqui’s treatment changed my whole outlook on IVF. I have no doubt it was this treatment that made the difference as I became pregnant.

After my second cycle of acupuncture¬†treatment (the first cycle I didn’t ovulate), I fell pregnant again naturally. Before this we had been trying for six and a half years and had never become pregnant. We couldn’t believe it. I am sure without Jacqui’s acupuncture this would not have been possible.

Due to a miscarriage I have no hesitation in seeking Jacqui’s help again. I could not be more grateful for all the treatment, support and advice and could not recommend Jacqui more highly.”

This lovely couple received acupuncture treatments in preparation for their third round of IVF but came pregnant naturally. I am so blessed to have such wonderful patients, I love my work so much. I meet so many beautiful people, sometimes I have to support them through very difficult times and I am always so totally impressed by the strength and determination of so many of the women and couples that I treat.

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