Long story

“Baby S was born saturday 28th 12.10 am at Warwick hospital. I had a difficult 3 days labour – long story. We would be really happy if you can stop by to meet our precious baby. Thank you for being so supportive now and back when we thought it was a grim possibility. We are settling down right now and open for visitors once we hit 2 weeks mark.”

I saw this lovely girl who was suffering form severe depression. She had suffered an early stage miscarriage the previous year and was inconsolable and also convinced that she would never conceive again. I gave 6 counselling sessions and then began acupuncture treatment whilst also advising on supplements to help with some nutritional issues. We also did an AMH test to put her mind at rest; the results that came back were very reassuring.

She become pregnant after her first acupuncture cycle! The couple then relocated to London and have since let me know that they have a beautiful baby girl.

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