Acupuncture Session

“For the last year my partner and I have been trying for a baby with no avail. I’ve been keen on keeping things as natural as possible and following a recommendation from a friend about how acupuncture can be beneficial for fertility, we thought I should give it a go.

The initial consultation was encouraging, as Jacqui was able to explain about charting ovulation, symptom management with my PCOS, as well as the possible options with acupuncture and support with IVF. The information provided from this initial free meeting was really helpful, as I could begin to make lifestyle changes prior to the acupuncture session.

My first acupuncture session went really well and Jacqui put me at ease straight away. My next session was when I discovered that I had become pregnant, and Jacqui was the first to know. I’m convinced that the input from Jacqui has resulted in this pregnancy and I aim to continue with the acupuncture sessions to help with the pregnancy and provide additional support.
Thank you Jacqui for making things possible.”

I achieve fantastic results with natural conception and many of my patients do get pregnant within 3 cycles. I believe that not only having the acupuncture treatment but also having someone to help support and guide you through the minefield that is fertility is so very important. There is lots of information out there and it is easy to get overwhelmed. It is my mission to help every one of my patients to the very best of my ability, my mantra is to “leave no stone unturned” until we have reached our goal and that beautiful baby is in your arms.

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