Acupuncture and recurrent miscarriage

I feel really passionate about the patients that I see suffering with the heart break of the loss of their baby through miscarriage or those suffering from recurrent miscarriage. It is documented that one in four women have at least one miscarriage, so that is estimated at around a quarter of a million women in the UK each year. Recurrent Miscarriage is defined as 3 consecutive miscarriages, meaning that this affects approximately 1% of women.

Research has shown that when you combine acupuncture and IVF the success rate goes from 26% to 43% and it has also understood that acupuncture reduces the risk of miscarriage, also showing that when undergoing IVF 20% miscarried not having received acupuncture compared to 8% of those that had acupuncture treatment.

The Causes of Miscarriage:

Miscarriage can be a result of genetic, hormonal, immunological, physiological, anatomical or environmental factors.

Recurrent Miscarriage may also be linked with blood clotting disorders. acupuncture is known to help with improving blood flow to the uterus, and also improve hormonal production. Of course helping mom to feel more relaxed and reducing stress levels greatly enhances success rates. As a practitioner and a counsellor I find this area of my work most satisfying, and find such satisfaction in helping couples that have been struggling with this very difficult issue.