I came to see Jacqueline

“I came to see Jacqueline for natural fertility acupuncture. I was instantly put at ease and reassured. I liked Jacqueline’s honesty. She told me how long she was prepared to see me for and if nothing was to happen and then we would discuss other options.

I had three sessions the first month; preparation for ovulation, ovulation and implantation. After each session I felt relaxed and more in control of my emotions. I felt positive and the monthly stress and anxiety I felt appeared to lift. I found acupuncture to be very proactive. Jacqueline’s calm and professional approach shone through. It worked that month, I had a positive pregnancy test! I am convinced the acupuncture played a part in this.

I continued to see Jacqueline throughout my pregnancy. It was relaxing and she would focus on areas of discomfort for me or the growth of the baby. I have just given birth to my daughter! Thank you Jacqueline!”

Many of the patients that I see are very keen to conceive as naturally as possible. I am happy to say that many times we are successful within the first 3 months of acupuncture treatment. For many patients its about taking some control over their fertility. As part of my counselling and support role I offer the most up to date researched advice and information. I attend the very best yearly conferences to ensure that I have the most accurate knowledge in all areas of fertility.

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