We are so pleased

“We are so pleased to finally announce the birth of our son Ike. I. F born 4.11.14. R did amazingly well, a long labour but all fine and delivered naturally. Thank you. We would not be here without your help. J and R”

I saw this lovely couple just as they were about to begin their first cycle of IVF. I gave acupuncture treatment during their long protocol IVF cycle. The first cycle sadly failed but after careful consideration the couple decided to try again.

This time we were able to prepare a little more; I gave electro acupuncture prior to the assisted cycle, plus advised an endometrial scratch. This cycle was successful! We had a pregnancy and I saw this patient for monthly pregnancy acupuncture treatments. I also helped treat symptoms of morning sickness and SPD later on in the pregnancy with acupuncture. The couple now have a beautiful baby boy.

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