10 Days over due

“7lb14oz Baby girl arrived at last, such a big day we will not forget in a hurry, we could never have done this without you.”

I saw this lovely couple after 2 years of trying to conceive naturally. They were now going to begin their IVF / ICSI cycle and wanted to make sure that they would give it the best possible chance so they came to see me. We looked at taking the very best supplements for both of the couple as there was a considerable issue with sperm quality. I gave electro acupuncture for a month prior to the assisted cycle.

Everything went beautifully during the long protocol, the response was perfect until the day after collection – at the last minute it was decided that IVF should be given instead of ICSI and none of the eggs had fertilised. The couple were of course devastated. After considerable counselling by phone I helped write a letter to the fertility unit – we managed to convince them and they agreed to another ICSI cycle. This time it was completely successful – we had a pregnancy and the couple now have a beautiful baby girl!

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