Acupuncture for Fertility Testimonial

“After trying to conceive for nearly four years, we started our first attempt at IVF a week after my 40th birthday. Due to the stressful nature of the treatment we felt that a natural therapy could perhaps provide a calming balance. After a little research we decided on acupuncture.

I found that positively concentrating on my body, and taking time out to keep calm and relaxed created a sense of wellbeing and ownership. I found being able to discuss my hopes and fears with Jacqui, who has an in depth knowledge of infertility and IVF as well as the emotional rollercoaster surrounding it, was extremely comforting and a great aid in being able to stay calm and positive during an intense few weeks.

We were delighted and shocked to receive the incredible news of a positive pregnancy test at the end of treatment and are awaiting our first scan.

I am continuing with acupuncture to allay any anxieties and to help me stay calm and positive during the coming months. Oh, and to help with the shock of course!”

I do see great results when treating with acupuncture for natural conception. After such a long road of disappointment, 4 years of trying – then what a gift to see such a happy couple!

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