Here at last

“Baby E, has arrived we are over joyed and look forward to you meeting her very very soon thank you Jacqui xxxx”

I saw this lovely couple after one failed round of IVF. They were suffering from severe OHSS (Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome). They had recently conceived naturally but had then had a natural missed miscarriage. I originally saw this couple for counselling, having experienced extreme anxiety and stress from the whole experience. They were now now suffering with OCD amongst other symptoms of depression. After 6 sessions of counselling the couple decided that they wanted to prepare for their next round of IVF.

I gave nutritional advice to help with PCOS and 8 electro acupuncture treatments to help treat the symptoms of PCOS and also prepare for the next assisted cycle. There was a possibility of OHSS so treatment had to be done with caution. Unfortunately, the IVF failed – OHSS meant that they produced many eggs but sadly of poor quality, so the next step needed to be carefully considered.

Because I have helped so many couples I was able to offer advice about clinic options. I was even fortunate to have a few couples who were open to talking through their experience of having treatment. We short-listed a London clinic – Lister Fertility Clinic. I advised the couple to have an endometrial scratch and gave acupuncture to assist through the short protocol IVF. I also gave electro acupuncture to help with the male issue, prior to giving the sample.

We got a positive pregnancy test! For the first trimester we gave reassuring ultrasound scans to help with anxiety issues. I gave acupuncture treatment monthly throughout the pregnancy and finally a beautiful baby girl was born.

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