Our girls have arrived

Our girls have arrived! F, is 4lb2oz and S is 3lb12, born at 7.30 ish this morning. Mom and babies doing well. Babies will in SCBU for a little while as expected for 34 week arrival.

I saw this lovely couple after they had been trying to conceive for 2 years. They were suffering with a very low AMH (low ovarian reserve). They had experienced a very poor response to an IVF cycle leading to the cycle being abandoned. When they came to me the couple were keen to try a donor egg.

They were extremely patient and after counselling decided to have donor treatment in this country. After a few failed starts we were able to get the endometrial lining to a good thickness with electro acupuncture. One embryo was transferred and low and behold it divided and they were now having an identical twins pregnancy!

This gave pay to stress and anxiety of a different nature again needing some counselling. I gave monthly acupuncture treatments up to 34 weeks and the twins were born by C section.

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