Baby O

“Our Beautiful baby Girl was born on 04/01/15 10 days late but well worth the wait she is so cute mom and baby home now and doing well. :)”

This lovely couple came to see me after trying for a baby for 10 months. Everything seemed normal, cycles were regularly 28-30 days and ovulation seemed to be occurring. We carried out ovulation monitoring buy Basal Temperature Charting in conjunction with OPK kit and changed a few lifestyle issues.

During the traditional diagnoses I detected that maybe this was a case of sticky blood, due to slight clotting during her period and other symptoms picked up during traditional diagnoses. After trying to conceive naturally for a few cycles we decided to seek more exploratory tests.

The next step seemed to be a little daunting and after one session of counselling the couple seemed ready to move on to assisted conception. I referred them to Dr Rina Agrawal at Coventry University Hospital Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRM). It was discovered that there was some mild endometriosis and on further examination there was also a male issue.

The couple were successful with their first NHS ICSI cycle and now have a beautiful baby girl.

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