funny lady with the pins.

“H J arrived safely into the world on Tuesday at 11.10am weighing 7lbs.  Mummy, Daddy and H are doing brilliantly and are very happy to be home.

Labour plans were thrown out the window but we managed in the end with an epidural, some brilliant super star pushing and little Kiwi help. I’m feeling surprisingly well and only in a little discomfort.

Thank you so much for all your support. Harris is looking forward to meeting the funny lady with the pins.Love C B”

I saw this lovely couple when they were embracing their 2nd round of IVF. The reason for assisted conception was that there were issues around low AMH and poor sperm quality. The couple had already gone trough 3 rounds of IUI and had failed their last IVF.

This time they wanted to make sure they were fully prepared, so came to see me. I suggested that they have an Endometrial Scratch prior to this next IVF/ICSI cycle and we also did electro acupuncture during stimulation to help boos the number of follicles. The previous years of trying to conceive had taken its toll and now we were also struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression. As a psychotherapist I am able to offer a variety of counselling treatments including CBT therapy to help over come negative thought patterns and offer relaxation techniques to help with anxiety. I supported the long protocol regime with Acupuncture treatments, then went on to treat on a monthly basis during the pregnancy.

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