Supporting those seeking fertility treatment abroad

We have worked with a number of couples and individuals seeking fertility treatment abroad, below is a case study which I have anonymised where I worked with a lady who wanted fertility treatment abroad.

Fertility Treatment Abroad Case Study:

A 29 year old lady suffering from premature ovarian failure and also has extremely high killer natural cells. The couple contacted me in Nov 2014 after the first NHS funded IVF cycle had sadly been unsuccessful, after research they decided to have fertility treatment in Reprogenisise in Bruno, Chez Republic.

The reasons behind this decision were:

  • Extremely high success rates
  • No waiting times
  • Choice of donor anonymity
  • Lower costs

Having made the decision to seek treatment abroad, the couple had already researched and felt very comfortable with their choice, they had already had counselling from their Hospital after the failed IVF cycle in preparation for Donor Conception. They had taken a trip to visit the clinic in Bruno for the weekend to have bloods taken and give a semen sample.

They came to Fertility Support for help during the monitored cycle. The patient was taking prescribed HRT (hormones replacement therapy) and because of the diagnoses of very high NK cells this patient was very keen to have intra lipid treatment. I was able to assist her locating a Hospital that was able to offer this treatment in the UK.

Alongside her fertility treatment I carried out a course of Electro Acupuncture over a period of 15 days to help thicken the endometrial lining then during the middle of her treatment cycle our trained sonographer, Suki Rai, carried out an ultrasound scan to determine endometrial thickness – the results were sent over to Reprogenises.

The couple then traveled over to Bruno a few days before the donor eggs would be collected, so that sperm samples could be taken and collected eggs fertilised. The donor eggs were successfully fertilised with one blastocyst embryo being transferred to the patient and a further four were frozen.

After the transfer the couple traveled back and I saw them that same day, for post transfer acupuncture treatment and then 2 days later Acupuncture treatment to help with implantation. I am happy to say the couple had the fantastic news of a positive pregnancy test.

At just 7-weeks we carried out another Early Pregnancy Scan, the baby looked perfect.


For some the idea of seeking fertility treatment abroad is their first choice, for others it may be an option after one or many failed cycles of fertility treatment in the UK. During our initial consultation we are able to discuss the options and how I can help during the process. I have worked with couples that are excellent at resourcing many aspects of their treatment and require acupuncture and ultrasound scans, others may need a little more help and support, my aim is to be here to support you throughout your journey as an individual or couple.

Please contact me with any questions re fertility treatment abroad or to book a 30 min free consultation.