Thank you for helping me be a mummy

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“I approached Jacqui at the time my partner and I found out we were going to need help to start our family. At the time we were advised we had male factor infertility and would be unlikely to conceive without medical intervention – so for us the next step was IVF.

For many people IVF is daunting and can be a long and emotional roller coster. I wanted to make sure that we were as prepared as possible when we started our IVF journey. Taking a holistic approach I looked at our diets, exercise and also non medical forms of treatment – That is when I found Jacqui.

From the offset Jacqui was a great support especially to me, and helped counsel and sign post me through the process. I received treatment prior and during our first round of IVF, which sadly resulted in a miscarriage. Then during the second round of treatment again alongside IVF I had acupuncture treatment, which resulted in a twin pregnancy – sadly we lost one twin at 9 weeks and then 4 months in we lost a little baby girl. Jacqui was a great support during the loss of our little girl (we named her Lilly) – she is so invested in her patients that I know she felt the loss personally too.

After losing Lilly I was determined to find out why – a pregnancy loss at 4 months is rare so there must have been a cause. The post mortem results showed that Lilly was perfect, so I knew that something must have been wrong with me that had caused our loss. After pushing the local GP I was referred to a miscarriage specialist in Coventry, Professor Quenby (aka the dream maker). She was very supportive and determined to find out why I had lost the baby, she did a number of tests and found out I have a blood clotting disorder (Antiphospholid Sydrome also referred to as Hughes Syndrome). After seeing another consultant in London they gave the info and push I needed to try again and knowing that Professor Quenby would look after me through the whole pregnancy I was determined to try IVF one last time.

The loss of our little girl was physically and emotionally very hard to deal with and it took along time to get the strength to try again. Armed with the knowledge that with blood thinning treatment I had a high chance of carrying a baby, off we went again with Jacqui by our side through our third round of IVF. We changed our drugs on our final round of IVF and it was our best. We had 6 embryos that were good enough for transfer to me, having only two in both previous rounds. We initially transferred one embryo and froze the rest – the initial transfer wasn’t successful but the second frozen transfer a few months later was – we were pregnant.

At five weeks I started blood thinning injections and took asprin, I had pregnancy scans and consultant appointments almost every two weeks of my pregnancy alongside acupuncture treatment – I felt very looked after. I also had a cervical stitch, planned, at 12 weeks to remove any risks associated with a weak cervix.

Emily Josephine arrived at 36 weeks – 5 pounds 8,  via induction as a scan showed my placenta may have been failing. She is now a beautiful bouncing 9 month old – Phil and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Jacqui for your support over the years and being there when we needed you.”

Miranda x