Fertility Counselling and Acupuncture Testimonial

“I just wanted to let you know how much the six months of fertility counselling and acupuncture sessions helped me, and how grateful I am for the support you provided. You helped me to realise that I was not alone (or going crazy!) in my experience of infertility, and most importantly that I needed to fully express those feelings in order to let some of them go. A simple concept, but one I hadn’t realised I was resisting.

The impact on my well being and relationship with my husband has been so positive, and I can’t thank you enough. I feel it was no accident that I fell pregnant twice during the time I saw you; I’m sure your holistic support, including the acupuncture, was a key factor in us conceiving successfully, and starting our family at last. You have such a warmth, kindness and non-judgmental way about you, I haven’t hesitated in recommending you to a close friend.”

Talking through your emotions can be very beneficial, realising that actually you are not alone and that your feelings and emotions are quiet normal when going through such an emotional rollercoaster. Counselling can be beneficial and in some cases essential in setting the couple on the right track to a successful fertility process.

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