We were struggling to conceive

My husband and I had never used protection and strangely it never really worried me, but when all the business of moving in together, getting married etc had died down we started actively trying for a baby and – sure enough – nothing happened.

The doctor suggested that the best thing to do would be to go away have holidays, date nights and generally ‘ fun’ for a year- not worry about it. But when we did this and still nothing happened, I started to get nervous. We were referred for tests and prodded and pricked and spurted and declared that there were no areas of concern but here we were – 5 years on and no baby. We were put on the waiting list for IVF and told that not to get our hopes up, it was going to be a very long wait.

Whilst this was happening (possibly through stress) I came up with the worst skin Id had since my teens – I had fought with unbalanced hormones and acne all of my life and it showed no signs of abating with age. This flare up was particularly bad and I was feeling so low that I decided it was time to do something about it. Obviously I was reluctant to take the pill so, having tried all the regular herbs and vitamins, I stumbled across a local acupuncture clinic and decided that, whilst not an avid believer in acupuncture, anything was better than nothing.

I met Jacqueline and instantly warmed to her. It never occurred to me to ask for help for fertility but whilst I was describing my hormonal imbalance I explained that we were struggling to conceive. Her response was “well lets do something about that then, shall we’. I snorted inwardly thinking ‘ha! It’ll need more than a few needles’, but nevertheless I liked her and desperately wanted my skin to be better so went along with it when she suggested treatment to coincide with my cycles.

A few cycles later and I had the skin I wanted – and a pregnancy.

Now three and a half years later we have a beautiful and energetic toddler and now we’ve caught up on our sleep -have decided its time to try for another baby. The first thing I’ve done is book in with Jacqueline. Whether acupuncture works for us this time is yet to be seen but what I do know is that Jacqueline is on this journey with us. She puts 110% into each and every patient, and what she doesn’t know about fertility is not worth knowing. She really cares about whether you get pregnant or not and I know that even if we do land up having to go down the IVF route that she’ll be there every single step of the way offering advice and treatments, such as acupuncture, counselling and also nutritional advice, her clinic also offers hormonal blood tests offers ultrasound scan for fertility issues or during pregnancy, and also now offers immunology treatment.

All treatment routes – whether conventional or complimentary- are essential in this process, but having somebody to guide you, advise you, fill you with positivity and maintain your morale may be just as important if you are not going to let infertility overwhelm you and your life.

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