Fertility Acupuncture Testimonial

“My husband and I had just had a failed IVF cycle when I first met Jacqueline. I found her details through the Zita West network of affiliated acupuncturists as I was looking for a practitioner with a special interest and expertise in fertility issues. I was feeling very low both emotionally and physically, but Jacqueline’s kind and compassionate nature was obvious from our first session together.

She has extensive understanding of the processes involved in fertility treatment, the side effects of the drugs and the emotional roller coaster that trying to conceive brings. This made her a huge support to me, going through what can be a very difficult process. I looked forward to our sessions because no matter how dreadful or worn out I was feeling I would come away feeling more balanced, with my spirits slightly lifted, ready to face the next step. Jacqueline went beyond the call of duty, making herself available on the day of embryo transfer at pretty unsociable hours to make sure that the acupuncture treatment was carried as close as possible to the transfer itself. She isn’t a 9-5 lady!

Hi Jacqui, just wanted to let you know that — was born on –, beautiful healthy and perfect! Thank you so much for your part in helping him into the world; so grateful to you for everything, will never forget.”

I know how important having a baby is to my patients, trying for a baby for so many can become a minefield of fertility treatments and expensive supplements and whacky ideas. I hope that I am able to bring some calm and rationality to my patients. Many have never considered acupuncture and i do believe that many are shocked at the results; feeling relaxed and being able to get a lovely harvest of eggs for IVF / ICSI being just two of them. Helping get the endometrial lining to optimum thickness before transfer is also helped by acupuncture. I am so blessed that so many people say that my support makes a difference; this makes me feel very humble.

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