Hughes Syndrome ~ Cause of miscarriage and stillbirth

Hughes Syndrome or Sticky blood as it is also known is one of the largest causes of miscarriage and stillbirth in pregnancy.

It has often never been heard of, even by many midwives and GP’s, and was once considered a rare disease. Many women have several miscarriages before diagnosis, which can be heartbreaking; some women have had as many as 12 miscarriages, even more, sometimes late into a pregnancy.

Diagnosis is very easy. 2 blood tests 6- 8 weeks apart.

With treatment throughout pregnancy e.g. blood thinners such as aspirin and heparin and monthly scans, the chances of having a successful pregnancy are increased to 70%.

Hughes Syndrome Foundation is a great source of information. They are a UK registered charity dedicated to promoting awareness and funding research into Hughes Syndrome which is also known medically as the antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

If you have had a miscarriage or know of another woman who has had 1 or more miscarriages than ask your GP to investigate and test for Hughes Syndrome, it could save much heartache.


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