Antiphospholipid Syndrome

What is Antiphospholipid Syndrome?

Antiphospholipid syndrome, also known as sticky blood or Hughes Syndrome, is an autoimmune disease that can cause abnormal blood clotting in any blood vessel – both arteries and veins.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome accounts for as many as one in five cases of recurrent miscarriage. Miscarriage is thought to result from the disruption of blood flow through the small blood vessels of the placenta. Although the exact sequence of events isn’t yet clear, without adequate nutrients the placenta fails and the baby is lost. Miscarriage late in pregnancy is very strongly linked to antiphospholipid syndrome.

The syndrome has also been linked to pre-eclampsia, placental abruption and intrauterine growth restriction.

Unfortunately, some women suffer six or more miscarriages before antiphospholipid syndrome is diagnosed and the appropriate treatment given.

How I can help:

  • Traditional diagnoses and in depth consultation resulting in identifying areas of concern
  • Fast tracking to GP for appropriate blood tests
  • Sign-posting to best suited specialists in the treatment of immune issues affecting fertility – I have a working professional relationship with a top consultant in Warwickshire and Dr George Ndukwe through my Zita West affiliation
  • Understanding the intra lipid treatment or IVIG treatment
  • Being able to take blood to send off for monthly testing when necessary once pregnancy has been achieved
  • Being able to support through stressful situations with counselling and relaxation techniques
  • Support blood circulation with acupuncture.

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