Acupuncture may be used to encourage your baby to Turn.

Baby in Back to Back Position? Acupuncture may be used to encourage your baby to turn by using researched acupuncture points, sometimes using Moxa (an ancient way of heating the acupuncture points).

Sometimes the way to try and turn the baby is by rocking back and fourth on a birthing ball or by leaning forwards of an evening over a bean bag or a chair so you’re in the all fours position but still remain comfortable. These techniques may give the baby room to move. Depending on where your placenta is you could try a few simple things like lying on your left at night rather than your right.

At 37 weeks there is still time for your baby to turn. Baby can in fact turn in the last hour before delivery – a lot of babies only turn when you’re in labour. If baby is still back to back when you go into labour, you may find being on all fours a lot more comfortable. It’s usually best when leaning against something with knees on the floor and dipping back down and swaying in different directions. You may consider an epidural if your baby doesn’t turn.

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