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“Hi Jacqui, just wanted to let you know that xxxxxx was born on xxxxxxx, beautiful healthy and perfect! Thank you so much for your part in helping him into the world; so grateful to you for everything, will never forget.”

I saw this lovely couple just prior to them starting their 2nd IVF protocol. I gave nutritional advice and also suggested the endometrial scratch prior to starting their assisted cycle. Their IVF cycle was successful. They only had one embryo transferred and this then split resulting in identical twins in the same sac. Tragically this resulted in a very late miscarriage of two baby boys and devastation to the couple.

Bravely, after weeks of counselling, the couple decided to try again. They had been lucky enough to have some frozen embryos in reserve. I gave acupuncture treatment to help with the process but on the day of frozen embryo transfer, the clinic decided to abandon the treatment because it looked like the timing was off; ovulation may have already occurred.

We decided to try with acupuncture and natural conception – a miracle occurred and 6 weeks later we discovered that there was a positive pregnancy!! I continued with acupuncture treatment throughout the pregnancy and now the couple have a very special little boy.

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