IVF Acupuncture Testimonial

“Jacqui has been a constant support for us during a really hard time of fertility treatment. She is so knowledgable on all aspects of fertility and has all of the most up to date information – from nutrition and general health to more specific tests that might help further understand what might be happening and also gives brilliant advice on the clinic that might be right for you.

I would definitely recommend Jacqui to anyone who is undergoing or thinking about starting any fertility treatment. Sometimes it can feel really lonely and isolating but she really knows how to make you feel like there are options and that gives you hope.”

After the first attempt of IVF ended in miscarriage, I asked this couple to see Dr George Ndukwe over at Zita West clinic. George was able to treat all of the immune issues that were stopping a successful pregnancy. Previous miscarriages had always created the suspicion of immune issues and now they could be properly addressed. Dr Ndukwe suggested that as many as 20% of pregnancies end due to immunological issues. I gave acupuncture treatment throughout this process and now this couple have a beautiful baby girl and are pregnant with their 2nd baby!

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