Our clinic recommended I try acupuncture

I am currently waiting for the results of my fourth IVF round since the birth of my son in 2011. After the previous three failed attempts, our clinic recommended I try acupuncture.

I found Jacqui through the Zita West network and she recommended a course of electro-stimulation prior to IVF along with treatments during stimulation and pre and post transfer. The effect of the acupuncture has been quite profound.

In all my previous IVF attempts, I have needed intralipid therapy to address raised NK levels, in this round my NK levels have been normal. I also have always been prescribed steroids, which my clinic found to be unnecessary this time. I simply feel so much better. I produced a decent amount of eggs and the embryos they transferred were of the highest quality grade and much better than previous rounds.

All the way through this cycle I have felt supported by Jacqui. She has been unfailingly kind, thoughtful and committed to my treatment. She is willing to see me when my body needs it and is always thinking ahead. In short I would not hesitate to recommend Jacqui; I feel she has made a vast, positive difference.
G. Banbury

We now offer intralipid treatment at our leamington clinic, plus all of the ultrasound scans and blood tests. This one-stop service allows many couples to have treatment at a clinic anywhere in the UK, London, Nottingham or Bristol. This allows the couple to continue carrying on with their lives whilst having treatment, not having to travel across the country for every test and scan. We can send the results directly to your clinic the same day.

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