Acupuncture and FSH levels

Acupuncture may help reduce Follicle Stimulating Hormone.

When assessing a patient for suitability for IVF there are a few things that your clinic will take into account. Your age and two hormones – your FSH levels and AMH. Some clinics also take your antra follicle count into consideration when deciding which protocol to use.

FSH levels can change from month to month, unlike AMH levels that diminish with age, and may be tested by some clinics once a year. FSH levels increase with age, meaning that the egg follicles are becoming less responsive as you move towards menopause. So as the FSH levels rise, this indicates that the ovaries are struggling to get the hormonal message to stimulate and create a healthy egg ready for ovulation.

Weekly acupuncture in the month prior to beginning your IVF cycle (long or short protocol) may help to bring down stress levels and help reduce FSH levels.

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