Jacqueline Hurst

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

Jacqueline Hurst founded her Fertility Support services in Warwickshire in 2007.
I see women and men from right across the reproductive health spectrum: from those who are who starting out trying for a baby and just need some reassurance, to couples who have fertility issues and who are looking to get pregnant naturally, through to couples who need IVF or other forms of assisted conception, .


Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or through IVF, My holistic approach sets me apart from other fertility and IVF clinics.

I develop and tailor your treatment plan of action and keep it under constant review so that you know that your treatment is proactive and you are being supported throughout.

Personal Journey

“My lonely journey of fertility treatment and wanting to better support couples in their journey’s to start a family has ultimately lead to me specialising in fertility acupuncture and other fertility support services. My own fertility journey began in 1985 whilst living in the USA and included years of IUI , 2 recurrent IVF failure, 2 miscarriages and then finally, years later to my surprise , a natural conception that so sadly ended in an ectopic pregnancy.

I am fully aware of how the daily injections, how looking for any signs of ovulation, the dreaded bleed or signs of pregnancy can drive you to distraction. I remember the feelings of having procedure after invasive procedure done to you and the feeling of being completely out of control and out of balance, and how this can lead to untold stress and anxiety.

In 1990 I  successfully completed one of the first open adoptions in the state of Illinois USA. I feel truly blessed that my son’s Birth Mother invited me as her Birthing Partner into the delivery room and I was the first person to see my son.

I returned to England in 1998 and decided to investigate my passion for alternative medicine and was delighted to find one of the best Acupuncture Colleges right on my doorstep in Leamington Spa.

The Philosophy and training in Chinese Medicine sang to me. Chinese Medicine looks at the person as a whole, each organ working together in harmony. I believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine offered in conjunction with Western reproductive medicine increases the chances for conception. It can also help a woman move gently and naturally to a state of health and well-being that will allow her body to conceive naturally when possible and carry her baby to full term.

I feel that it is through my own experiences of infertility that I have a deeper understanding of what many of my patients are going through, “The wounded healer”.”

  • Member of the BAcC, BA Hons,  LicAc (Licentiate in Acupuncture)
  • Fully Qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist
  • BACP (Senior Accredited)
  • Member of The British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA)
  • Specialist training in Fertility with Zita West (London) and has all of the training and information provided by Zita and her team
  • Qualified Phlebotomist

Jacqueline works with many of the best fertility clinics in the UK and throughout Europe. She is a member of The British Fertility Society (BFS) and Eshre Jacqueline attends both their Bi Annual Conferences, this allows her to gather all of the latest research and fertility statistics, so that she can provide the most up to date information to her clients. Coventry Warwickshire  is where many of her clients begin their IVF journey Jacqueline is  delighted to have a strong working relationship with Dr Rina Agrawal