She offers a really unique service that……

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support Warwickshire.

I went to see Jacqui after 6 months of trying for a family with no success. After just one cycle of acupuncture treatment with her (specifically tailored to help enhance fertility at various stages of my cycle) and starting a number of supplements she recommended, I fell pregnant. She was very kind and knowledgeable through the process and really put me at ease. I learnt a lot about the reproductive process from her that I didn’t know, including tips to boost my chances, and she recommended some insightful books for me to read too. She also put me in touch with an excellent specialist, Rina Agrawal at Coventry hospital, who ran a series of tests on me, which really made me feel like I was doing something about the situation, taking control and therefore I felt much more relaxed. I can’t thank Jacqui enough for what she has done for me, as I’m certain her input held the key to my success and I’d recommend her to anyone who is struggling to conceive. She offers a really unique service that is unlike any other acupuncture treatment, as it’s so tailored and specifically geared up to helping you conceive. In fact, she came by strong recommendation to me, since she has treated several of my friends who also fell pregnant after her treatments.  Thanks so much Jacqui! Keep up the good work!


Good Afternoon Jacqueline:

Good Afternoon Jacqueline

I am just writing to say thank you for all your help and support and to let you know that yesterday I went for a viability scan where we were able to see my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant.

If we had not come to see you after trying unsuccessfully for 6 months after my miscarriage then we would not have gone to the doctors for tests which picked up I had a problem. You were also able to offer us support and guidance on diet and lifestyle and which vitamins we needed to take. By you referring us to Dr Rina Agrawal privately, I was able to have the tests and get the treatment I needed a lot quicker. Also, you were on hand to answer any questions we had (there were a lot) and to reassure us.

It is still early days but once again I would like to thank you for all your support and wisdom to get us here. I hope to see you soon and to book in for some acupuncture during my pregnancy.

Kind regards,



I genuinely put the Acupuncture…..

Hi Jacqueline.

Please meet Zachary Stephen P Born 3:30am on 8th March 8lb 5oz.

Delivery didn’t quite go to plan and all sorts thrown at us to deal with, but somehow I managed to do it all just on gas & air!!!

Thank you for all your help throughout my pregnancy and beforehand. I genuinely put the Acupuncture treatment down to how well I was able to cope with the pregnancy and the both staying calm and completely focused through Labour!! Fingers crossed but it looks like Zachary is taken after my calm genes so far! Speak to you soon, T xxx

Thank you Melanie

“Jacqueline is one of the best therapists I know in the world of fertility. She is phenomenally well informed about new developments in both medical and complementary advances in fertility treatment, and she is brilliant at her job, both with acupuncture as well as counselling. Moreover, she is warm and kind, immediately putting  even the most anxious clients at their ease. When I recommend my clients to Jaqueline, I know that they are in the best possible hands.”

Melanie Brown

Coming together

I have been working with fertility issues for the last 17 years.  A number of years ago I had the pleasure of becoming a founder member of the Zita West network of Acupuncturists.  Being a Zita West affiliate, I have had the privilege to be at the cutting edge of fertility research and innovation.   We have “come a long way” in that time and I have forged a strong working relationship with Dr. Rina Agrawal.  We have worked closely together over the last 7 years to provide tailor-made fertility treatment protocols using Chinese Acupuncture, Nutrition, and clinical procedures to provide patients with an optimal chance of conceiving in exactly the same way as Zita West. Patients who are seen by me are referred to Dr. Rina Agrawal who are then treated at the at the same clinic group CARE as used by Zita. I was delighted to attend the annual meeting of Zita West affiliates in London on the 1st December 2017 where Zita released impressive figures.

July 2015 – June 2016, based on fresh embryo transfers for IVF and ICSI cycles with patients’ own eggs, under age 35 – London clinics:

Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred
Zita West Clinic 69% 50%
CREATE 47% 41%
ARGC 75% 39%
CRGH 60% 38%
The Lister 45% 38%
CARE London 40% 38%
London Women’s 33% 35%
Barts 36% 32%
Guys Hospital 33% 27%
City Fertility 23% 18%

HFEA national average clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred is 33.4%

All statistics shown have been independently validated. It is important to be aware that success rates have limitations as the basis for comparison or personal choice. To read the HFEA’s advice on success rates please follow this link: All egg collections and embryo transfers are carried out by Assisted Fertility consultants at the HFEA licensed centre, CARE Nottingham, where all our embryology is also carried out. Embryology plays an important role in our IVF success.

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Jacqui has provided me with

I honestly can’t recommend Jacqui enough to anyone facing any type of fertility issue, she is so passionate and knowledgeable, and shows such compassion and understanding with what you are going through.
Jacqui has provided me with advice on a wealth of aspects to improve chances conceiving from acupuncture, nutritional and vitamin advice and increasing my understanding of my ovulation cycle and the need for one quality egg! She was able to refer me to the Reproductive Medicine Centre at UHCW (University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire) and continued to provide ongoing treatment, advice and support as we narrowed down the areas that required treatment to assist with me conceiving.  I ended up having two courses of IVF and our beautiful baby was successfully born following the 2nd course healthy and well.
I know for a fact that without the treatment, care, advice and support from Jacqui over the years our little bundle of joy would not be with us.

You’re not going to believe this…

You’re not going to believe this…

A 25 minute treatment at 34 weeks :
You’re not going to believe this… I had two scans today. 1st one the baby was still the wrong way up. They sent me off for a coffee as Brixton Hicks meant they couldn’t see the placenta position. I came back 30 mins later for a second scan and she had turned!!! She is now head down… Incredible! Hope she stays that way! Thank you Jacqueline xx

This is why I  love my work …….


Understanding what support was available to us as a couple, and what direction to go in was such a minefield and not to mention overwhelming, and sad at times, but to have your guidance, support and knowledge was an incredible source of calm and reassurance. You put me at ease from our very first meeting and supported us with every decision and step. We will be eternally grateful to you, but also to Rina and your team of experts.  We are now the proud parents to our beautiful baby boy;Clayton,born 20th July 2017.