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Acupuncture during Fertility Treatment

We have extensive experience of treating couples/individuals with acupuncture whilst undergoing Fertility Treatment. Fertility treatment with IVF/ICSI requires extensive use of drugs and the process that a woman’s body goes through during IVF/ICSI can be tough so it’s important that the mind and body is supported.

Each woman’s treatment will be unique to her, shown below is an example of a generalised short and long protocol schedule (the long protocol starts on day 21 of a woman’s cycle and the short on day 1):

Fertility Treatment Drugs Protocol

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A client’s individual needs dictate the amount of acupuncture required, Jacqueline will typically offer 6 sessions to go along side a long protocol IVF/ICSI cycle and  5 for a short protocol:

  • During the down regulation phase for those on the long protocol.
  • During the stimulation phase – where a woman’s ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs.
  • On the day of embryo transfer – early morning for pre transfer treatment (to help calm the uterus) and then later on that same day again to help calm uterus and except your embryo or embryos.
  • Once embryo or embryos are transferred at the appropriate time to help implantation.
  • Jacqueline is available during this time to offer any care, advice or support you may need.

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