Fertility Counselling, Support & Planning

Our holistic approach, whilst looking at the medical side of your fertility, also looks at other areas of your life that may be having an impact on your ability to conceive naturally. The optimum time to begin treatment to improve fertility is thought to be 3 months prior to conception, although we treat patients at all stages of their fertility journey.

Prior to our first meeting we will give/send you a questionnaire, to be filled out by both you and your partner; providing us with your fertility history, lifestyle factors including sleep, nutrition etc – all areas that we can work on to promote optimum fertility.

Jacqueline Hurst will be able to help you access the best way forward on your fertility journey, sign posting when necessary or looking at ways to make sure that cycles are regular and ovulation is occurring.

Other fertility support services include:

  • Acupuncture, which plays a vital role in our treatment – more information on Acupuncture for Fertility.
  • Fertility Counselling and psychological support if things become difficult, available as a couple or individually.
  • Fertility nutrition advice.
  • Meditation and relaxation classes to help clients whilst going through fertility treatment.
  • Acupuncture during Pregnancy.
  • AMH blood testing and a fertility MOT (consisting of a consultation and blood test).
  • Ultrasound scans.

Wherever your fertility journey takes you we are here to help. Our support begins with our initial contact, be that by phone or email. Sometimes a conversation will be enough for you to feel comfortable making your first appointment, or you may prefer to have a free face to face consultation with me individually or as a couple.

Contact us If you’d like to book an appointment or get in touch with us by ‘phone, please call: 07857421488