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Supporting your body through pregnancy is really important. If you’re looking for help with mindfulness or relaxation we can help.

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Hi Jacqueline. Please meet Zachary Stephen P Born 3:30am on 8th March 8lb 5oz. Delivery didn’t quite go to plan and all sorts thrown at us to deal with, but somehow I managed to do it all just on gas & air!!! Thank you for all your help throughout my pregnancy and beforehand. I genuinely […]


You’re not going to believe this… A 25 minute treatment at 34 weeks : You’re not going to believe this… I had two scans today. 1st one the baby was still the wrong way up. They sent me off for a coffee as Brixton Hicks meant they couldn’t see the placenta position. I came back […]


Hi Jacqui Following on from support and treatment with our fertility treatment, I wanted to let you know that we’re now expecting non identical twins. They are due around 15th December, and following my scan last week, both are perfect. I just wanted to thank you once again for your advise and help. I really […]


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