Reassurance / Viability Ultrasound Scan

Sometimes the early weeks of pregnancy can be very worrying, a viability ultrasound scan is useful to provide reassurance that the pregnancy is progressing as expected and has implanted in the correct place. They can also be used to determine the number of fetuses present. This type of ultrasound scan provides reassurance for couples who have previously experienced miscarriage, if there has been any vaginal bleeding or would just like extra reassurance over the standard NHS scans.

If the ultrasound scan is performed during the early stages of pregnancy then it is usually necessary to do an internal (vaginal) scan. If the pregnancy is more than 7 weeks it may be possible to see enough abdominally, sometimes both scans are necessary.

If your pregnancy is not progressing as planned or if an abnormality is detected during the scan, the results will be discussed with you immediately following your scan and a plan of action advised.

During your scan we will explain the findings to you and following your scan we will give you any images then email you a report. If we feel that any follow-up is necessary, we will advise you to arrange further assessment.

What you might expect to see during a viability scan?

The age of a pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period, this means at the time of conception you are already 2 weeks pregnant. By 5 weeks it should be possible to see a pregnancy sac usually with a yolk sac present. Then by 6-7 weeks there should be a fetal pole and fetal heartbeat present.

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