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Assisted Conception

Trying to get pregnant for a while and initial tests via your GP seem to suggest that there is nothing glaringly wrong with your reproductive health? There is often little that the NHS will suggest you do, other than to just keep trying. If months or years follow, still with no success, most couples assume that there is no alternative open to them but to go for assisted fertility treatment of some kind, usually IVF. In our experience, some couples are rushed into having assisted fertility treatments (particularly IVF) prematurely, when a proper programme of tests and investigations and/or some fertility coaching may well have enabled them to conceive naturally and/or ensure better results with assisted conception.

Fertility Planning

If you are not entirely sure about what the most sensible next step is, a fertility planning consultation with Jacqueline Hurst is really worthwhile. Based on your answers to her comprehensive fertility questionnaire, plus her years of experience in working with many couples in similar circumstances to your own, she can look to identify even the smallest area of potential weakness in you or your partner’s fertility status. She can then propose a step by step action plan as to how this might be addressed. For some this might involve additional tests or screens to help confirm or remove potential underlying problem areas, many of which, though critically important, can so easily get overlooked. For others it may simply require a planned approach to modifying aspects of your diet, work or lifestyle (such as alcohol, smoking or stress) or addressing aspects of your weight or fitness, or your emotional / psychological health. Of course, for some, our consultation may simply confirm that IVF or another form of assisted fertility treatment is the most sensible step forward – we can help prepare you for the journey into assisted conception and hold your hand every step of the way: