AMH Testing

AMH Testing (anti-mullerian)

AMH Test

AMH Testing (anti-mullerian) is now the accepted blood test that is thought to be the most accurate predictor of a woman’s ovarian reserve and is therefore the test that we would usually recommend for a woman to check on her fertility status.

What is ovarian reserve?

AMH Testing estimates the size of a woman’s remaining egg supply, her ovarian reserve, therefore giving an indication of her potential fertility.

AMH Testing

The AMH test requires a blood sample, which will be carried out by our Phlebotomist. This will then be sent off for evaluation and we usual get the result within 1 to 4 days.

The blood test measures the level of AMH a woman has. AMH is produced by granulosa cells in the ovaries and diminishes as a woman approaches the menopause.

Bloods must be taken at the beginning of the week Monday or Tuesday before mid day and not during bank holiday weekends.

We will interpret the results and help plan any next steps as a result of the test. For some women it may be appropriate to consider prioritising planning pregnancy or even moving to a more assisted conception route sooner rather than later. Whatever the journey we will be there to support you.

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