Donor Conception Planning, Support & Counselling

Whether you are a heterosexual couple, same sex couple or a single mother making the decision to build your family by using donated sperm, egg or embryo it can be very overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes this decision is made after going through years of fertility treatment, in other cases the idea may have developed more quickly. We can help support and prepare you for this next step.

Ways to prepare:

  • Acupuncture may help prepare your body for receiving your precious embryo.
  • Nutrition and relaxation techniques.
  • Counselling – we can help talk through the options, looking at thoughts and feelings about making your decision and all that this entails.
  • Implications Counselling – for those clients who continue down the donated gametes route (e.g. donor sperm, eggs or embryos) implications counselling is required before you start treatment at a clinic. 
  • We can also offer support by looking at best clinics for each circumstance and other vital information.

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