Monitored Cycles & Follicle Tracking

Follicle tracking is particularly useful for couples who are having fertility treatment abroad, or at a location some distance from their own home within the UK. Many clinics require information at certain points of the cycle, our facility can provide you with all the information you might need. Usually clinics need a scan to assess:

  • The number of developing follicles during stimulation phase
  • The thickness of your endometrial lining
  • How your follicles are responding to stimulation treatment during assisted treatment or
  • How your follicles are developing within a natural cycle if trying to conceive naturally.

We are able to refer you for specialist follicle tracking scan required, and email the result to your chosen clinic. This gives flexibility for couples and reduces the amount of time spent away from home during the treatment cycle.

During both a natural and a stimulated cycle (e.g IVF), it is important to assess the thickness of the endometrium (womb lining). Endometrial thickness needs to be 7-8 mm or above for an embryo to be able to implant successfully.

For follicle tracking scanning we recommend that you arrive with a full bladder and drink a litre of fluid prior to your appointment. This will improve the quality and aid visibility of the ultrasound scans.

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