Implications Counseling

Implications Counselling

Implications counselling is a type of counselling for those going through assisted conception treatments involving the use of donor eggs, sperm or embryos. It is also a requirement of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association (HFEA) for couples considering surrogacy.

The aim of implications counselling is to enable you to reflect upon and understand the proposed course of treatment for yourselves, your family and any children born as a result of your treatment. At least one session of implications counselling is recommended before consenting to any proposed treatment.

The following may be discussed depending on your situation:

  • How each partner feels about the proposed treatment
  • The effects of the proposed treatment on any existing children
  • Who will you tell? The advantages and disadvantages of openness
  • Attitudes of friends and family to the proposed treatment
  • Thoughts & concerns about the future child where one parent is not the genetic parent
  • Openness, secrecy and what, when and how to tell a child
  • Short and long-term implications of known or anonymous donation
  • Short and long-term implications of surrogacy
  • The implications surrounding the legalities of egg and sperm donation and surrogacy, both in the UK and abroad.
  • Single women and same sex couples will also receive counselling on the child’s need for supportive parenting, as well as support within the family and wider social circle. The changing needs of a child short & long term management for single parenthood. Appointing a guardian, seeking legal advice and making a will.

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