Forever in your debt

“We were trying to conceive naturally over a period of 18 months and were referred to the Centre for Reproductive Medicine by our GP, after several appointments with a Registrar which took away further time in our pursuit we simply were not getting anywhere. I came across Jacqueline’s details online and saw that she had a professional affiliation with our Gynaecologist  and didn’t hesitate to get in touch with her especially as she is located on my doorstep. I was apprehensive initially about opening up to a complete stranger at an incredible vulnerable and distressing time.
We were invited for a consultation which was understandably a fact finding exercise to cover the ground required to formulate a path forward covering both emotional and physical wellbeing, supplication, health markers and key requirements we needed to cover to create a baseline.
We felt a sense of relief at a time of emotional distress because we were struck by Jacqueline’s ability to bring a sense of calmness and enable us to create coping mechanisms to achieve better self control and emotional balance which certainly helped with strategising in our pursuit to conceive naturally, as we were able to focus on the elements that we could influence to better position ourselves.
After a cycle of targeted acupuncture treatments, we were referred by Jacqueline to our Gynaecologist of care so we could move under a consultant led treatment, within 1 monitored cycle under this dual care we conceived naturally and continue to have regular treatments throughout the course of the pregnancy.
An incredible relief, words cannot describe how eternally grateful we are for Jacqueline’s continued support and counsel.

We would wholeheartedly recommend

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

for any couples seeking fertility support, acupuncture and counselling.

Forever in your debt.”

Good Afternoon Jacqueline:

Good Afternoon Jacqueline

I am just writing to say thank you for all your help and support and to let you know that yesterday I went for a viability scan where we were able to see my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant.

If we had not come to see you after trying unsuccessfully for 6 months after my miscarriage then we would not have gone to the doctors for tests which picked up I had a problem. You were also able to offer us support and guidance on diet and lifestyle and which vitamins we needed to take. By you referring us to Dr Rina Agrawal privately, I was able to have the tests and get the treatment I needed a lot quicker. Also, you were on hand to answer any questions we had (there were a lot) and to reassure us.

It is still early days but once again I would like to thank you for all your support and wisdom to get us here. I hope to see you soon and to book in for some acupuncture during my pregnancy.

Kind regards,



I genuinely put the Acupuncture…..

Hi Jacqueline.

Please meet Zachary Stephen P Born 3:30am on 8th March 8lb 5oz.

Delivery didn’t quite go to plan and all sorts thrown at us to deal with, but somehow I managed to do it all just on gas & air!!!

Thank you for all your help throughout my pregnancy and beforehand. I genuinely put the Acupuncture treatment down to how well I was able to cope with the pregnancy and the both staying calm and completely focused through Labour!! Fingers crossed but it looks like Zachary is taken after my calm genes so far! Speak to you soon, T xxx

You’re not going to believe this…

You’re not going to believe this…

A 25 minute treatment at 34 weeks :
You’re not going to believe this… I had two scans today. 1st one the baby was still the wrong way up. They sent me off for a coffee as Brixton Hicks meant they couldn’t see the placenta position. I came back 30 mins later for a second scan and she had turned!!! She is now head down… Incredible! Hope she stays that way! Thank you Jacqueline xx

To Jacqui

To Jacqui 
words can’t describe what a truly wonderful lady you are.You are my guiding light on my fertility Journey . You’ve provided me with support, advice, confidence and peace every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough 
love D 

This lovely patient is now 6 weeks pregnant and just seen her little fatal heart beat, D had suffered 3 miscarriages and came to see me just a year ago. I signed posted her to “The Proff” ( Proff Quenby and Proff Jan Brosen ) she was diagnosed with very high NK cells. D has also been under the care Dr Rina Agrawal  at CRM ( Coventry Reproductive Medicine ) and was diagnosed with very high Thyroid levels and raised prolactin levels. This was going to be D’s first  IVF which was abandoned due to irregular stimulation. No Egg collection was made , D was upset of course be remained  optimistic  , D came to see me for Acupuncture  ovulation Tx and is now pregnant .


Happy easter!

J-4“Hi Jac,
I hope you and Ray are well. I miss you and think of you often! I have just been so preoccupied with visitors and the babies. I never got to tell you just how grateful I am to have met you. I truly believe these two beautiful babies would not have been here without your help. You are such a wonderful person and I wish so much happiness for you. Your positive spirit is infectious! You are truly one of the best people I have ever met. I hope I will see you soon xo
Lots of love,


IVF/ICSI cycle and are now 23 weeks

“Hope you are well. I’ve been meaning to message you for a few weeks now firstly to share our good news and secondly to thank you!

Back in August/September we had our first IVF/ICSI cycle and are now 23 weeks pregnant!! After only having 2 eggs fertilise and a 2 day transfer I didnt hold out much hope but indeed it only takes one!!
I am so thankful for my accupuncture sessions with you, I am sure to this day it helped with our miracle and your support definitely helped keep me sane!!!

I hope you remember me as it has been a while!!

Thank you again”


here she is !

“Here she is shocked us all arriving early and also by being a little girl! 6lb 9oz of perfection. Words will never thank you enough for what you helped give, i will be in touch when things have settled down both A and I would like to continue with acupuncture at some point.

once again no word, but thank you, thank you, thank you.

all our love C&A xxx”

It was such a pleasure to work with this lovely couple who were trying for their baby for at least 3 years, the supplement and nutritional advice plus acupuncture treatment helped this couple successfully achieve pregnancy first time round with IVF. I believe that it is vitally important to prepare your self mind/body and spirit so that you give yourself the very best chance of making your first attempt with IVF / ICSI work.

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Baby O

“Our Beautiful baby Girl was born on 04/01/15 10 days late but well worth the wait she is so cute mom and baby home now and doing well. :)”

This lovely couple came to see me after trying for a baby for 10 months. Everything seemed normal, cycles were regularly 28-30 days and ovulation seemed to be occurring. We carried out ovulation monitoring buy Basal Temperature Charting in conjunction with OPK kit and changed a few lifestyle issues.

During the traditional diagnoses I detected that maybe this was a case of sticky blood, due to slight clotting during her period and other symptoms picked up during traditional diagnoses. After trying to conceive naturally for a few cycles we decided to seek more exploratory tests.

The next step seemed to be a little daunting and after one session of counselling the couple seemed ready to move on to assisted conception. I referred them to Dr Rina Agrawal at Coventry University Hospital Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRM). It was discovered that there was some mild endometriosis and on further examination there was also a male issue.

The couple were successful with their first NHS ICSI cycle and now have a beautiful baby girl.

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From the first meeting

“From the first meeting with Jacqui, I felt warmth and comfort and knew that she would be able to support us through the journey we were about to start. After every session of acupuncture I walked away calm and ready for the next step, feeling positive. During the treatment, I couldn’t of asked for any more from Jacqui, she was an amazing support and her wealth of knowledge made the whole experience that little less stressful. She was flexible finding time to see me day or evening and happy to go that extra mile. Jacqui and her husband Ray make a great team. I had a thai yoga massage the night before the transfer by Ray, which was just amazing. I felt relaxed and slept so well as all anxiety was forgotten. They make a fab team and both genuinely care.

Now with a positive result I cannot thank Jacqui enough, I do believe it was down to her expertise and support. She got my body into the best possible place ready for the treatment and kept me sane mentally. My husband also had acupuncture, which he really enjoyed as it made him feel even more part of the journey too.”

Fertility treatment can very stressful and for many it’s overwhelming. There is so much information to take on board, having someone help and support at this time is very useful. IVF/ICSI can be very costly so its really important to make the very best of your first attempt; preparation is key – mind, body and spirit. acupuncture treatments can be key to helping people with this process.

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What a difference 12 months can make!!

“Baby BA was born on Sat morning 8lb 3 oz . He is so beautiful , we will pop over and introduce him very soon xxxx”

What a difference 12 months can make!! I began treatment with this lovely young couple exactly one year ago to the day of the Birth of their beautiful baby boy. The couple really wanted to improve their chances of their first IVF treatment being successful. I treated both with acupuncture and gave advice around best vitamin supplements etc. Mom to be received a series of electro treatments prior to the actual ICSI cycle. We then worked on the cycle as normal, I also treated Dad to be to help with his morphology and motility (on his sample). Everything went perfectly. We even got to freeze embryos so a fantastic response. I saw Mom for monthly treatments throughout the pregnancy. Then during the last month I gave weekly acupuncture to prepare for labour and to help with little ones arrival, it was a real privilege to work with this fantastic couple.