Fertility Support and Consultant Referral

I met this lovely couple in August this year, they have been trying for a baby for 1 year prior to seeing me. They had been pregnant but traumatically received news that the foetus had stopped growing at their 12 week scan, they were obviously devastated and very fearful of what may happen next.

They came for me for extra support, during my initial consultation I made suggestions regarding supplements and additional blood test that may be could be requested from her GP. I then carried out a number of acupuncture treatments. The couple successfully conceived after the first month of treatment, in the early weeks I helped with a consultant referral due to some initial spotting and the pregnancy is progressing perfectly, we are currently waiting for 12 week scan. I see her once a month for treatment and support.

We can provide a bespoke service when working with our clients and work closely with Dr. Agrawal, to ensure that all our clients get the support when and where they need it.

Deciding to have a consultation with Jacqui was one of the best decisions we have made for a long time. From the first consultation it was great to know that we had a fertility expert on our side. She was extremely reassuring and compassionate about our situation and straight away made sure we were on the correct supplements, tracking ovulation correctly and advised some initial blood tests. For me this included testing my thyroid and giving me the information to challenge the GP when my test results showed levels that could be reducing our chances of conceiving and increasing the risk of miscarriage. After the first month of acupuncture we had fantastic news! Unfortunately, a week later I started spotting and this brought all the worry and anxiety back. I contacted Jackie and she booked me into the see Dr. Agrawal at CRM the next day. At the consultation we had a full history taken, scan (everything ok so far) and further blood tests. Due to our history we were also given a private prescription for progesterone to stop the spotting. It was really reassuring that we had done everything we possibly could do to support our baby and it was only through Jacqui that we were able to get such a quick consultant referral. Since then we have had a further two scans and everything is looking good. We keep everything crossed for a positive 12 week scan and I will continue to see Jacqui throughout the pregnancy. I cannot recommend Jackie enough. We are extremely grateful for all her expertise, help and support throughout what is a very emotional time.


thank you so much for your kindness

“I have been meaning to email you since June to let you know all about my beautiful baby boy, A M. He is such a happy smiley baby and is a total blessing to me and j. If it wasn’t for your care and attention he wouldn’t be here now. I am so grateful for your acupuncture treatments and your support in getting me seen by the right Consultant. I was lost in the conceiving labyrinth – thank goodness I found you!
Once again, thank you so much for your kindness.”


We’d like to take this opportunity

“Upon your referral to Dr Agrawal, we were eligible for treatment on the NHS. Once tests were carried out, we found out that * has a low AMH level, and that my sperm, although very high on numbers, lacked mobility. We were asked how we wanted to proceed. After careful thought we decided to try IVF. To shorten the story, injections and egg collection went fine. When I produced my sample, it seemed to be in low concentrations, so they decided to do an ICSI procedure.

Anyway, we found out last week that it worked and that we’re 5 weeks Pregnant!! 🙂 As you can imagine we’re elated.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and everything that you did for us. In my eyes this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you, so I will be eternally grateful.”

I have the great opportunity to work with some of the best Fertility Consultants and clinics in the Uk and now Europe, having supported so many couples. Each case is different and each need has to be considered. Fertility treatment is not a “one size fits all” situation and once my patients are facing the expenses of their fertility treatment I want to make sure that they get the very best care and the treatments that they need.

Now at fertility Support we can offer ultrasound scans and same day results or hormonal blood work, allowing my patients to seek treatment anywhere in the uk or Europe. This cuts down the need for costly trips back and fourth to London and really just having to go to their chosen clinic at key points during their protocol. This opens so many more possibilities.

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