I genuinely put the Acupuncture…..

Hi Jacqueline.

Please meet Zachary Stephen P Born 3:30am on 8th March 8lb 5oz.

Delivery didn’t quite go to plan and all sorts thrown at us to deal with, but somehow I managed to do it all just on gas & air!!!

Thank you for all your help throughout my pregnancy and beforehand. I genuinely put the Acupuncture treatment down to how well I was able to cope with the pregnancy and the both staying calm and completely focused through Labour!! Fingers crossed but it looks like Zachary is taken after my calm genes so far! Speak to you soon, T xxx

You’re not going to believe this…

You’re not going to believe this…

A 25 minute treatment at 34 weeks :
You’re not going to believe this… I had two scans today. 1st one the baby was still the wrong way up. They sent me off for a coffee as Brixton Hicks meant they couldn’t see the placenta position. I came back 30 mins later for a second scan and she had turned!!! She is now head down… Incredible! Hope she stays that way! Thank you Jacqueline xx

we’re now expecting non identical twins.

Hi Jacqui

Following on from support and treatment with our fertility treatment, I wanted to let you know that we’re now expecting non identical twins. They are due around 15th December, and following my scan last week, both are perfect. I just wanted to thank you once again for your advise and help. I really do think it made a difference with such positive results. Keep up the fab work.

Kind regards, A

I decided to try acupuncture

After trying to conceive naturally for seven months, I decided to try acupuncture in an attempt to boost my fertility after reading about it online. Through the Zita West Clinic website, I found Jacqui and within two weeks had started my acupuncture “treatment”. From our first meeting, I immediately warmed to Jacqui and felt hugely reassured and well supported by her. The advice and counsel she provided was invaluable and really helped me to understand the TTC process and manage my expectations and emotions surrounding it. Jacqui recommended several additional supplements and vitamins for me to take, which I started on immediately. After my first month of seeing Jacqui, I was delighted to discover I was pregnant and couldn’t believe how quickly it suddenly seemed to have happened -post acupuncture- after a seemingly very long and hard few months.
Since becoming pregnant I have maintained my sessions with Jacqui, once a month (but actually genuinely miss seeing her more often!!). For anyone TTC -either naturally or assisted – and struggling, I can whole heartedly recommend Jacqui! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field, she is also kind, reassuring and encouraging. Making that initial phone call was the best thing I’ve done this year (after getting pregnant!)

We are over the Moon

Hi Jacqui

I was recommended to go and see Jacqui by a friend who who had previously seen Jacqui and became  pregnant. After quickly falling pregnant with my first child, it came as something of a shock and disappoint that I didn’t fall pregnant as quickly the second time around.

After 10 months of trying naturally, I went to see Jacqui and began my first month of acupuncture treatment. Much to our surprise and delight, I am now pregnant after just one month’s treatment! We are over the moon and cannot thank Jacqui enough!


Morning Sickness

“I was suffering with acute morning sickness during my second pregnancy, completely exhausted as I was unable to keep water or food down. It was then that a friend recommended Jacqueline for acupuncture. From the very first visit I felt reassured by her calm and caring nature and after a couple of days my symptoms and sickness began to improve. Following a second treatment a few days later, my nausea disappeared and I was not sick again for the entire pregnancy….a truly wonderful relief after constant nausea and sickness for around ten weeks! I feel incredibly grateful that I was put in touch with Jacqueline as I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy with regular treatments throughout. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline for acupuncture.”
F. H