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I have been working with fertility issues for the last 17 years.  A number of years ago I had the pleasure of becoming a founder member of the Zita West network of Acupuncturists.  Being a Zita West affiliate, I have had the privilege to be at the cutting edge of fertility research and innovation.   We have “come a long way” in that time and I have forged a strong working relationship with Dr. Rina Agrawal.  We have worked closely together over the last 7 years to provide tailor-made fertility treatment protocols using Chinese Acupuncture, Nutrition, and clinical procedures to provide patients with an optimal chance of conceiving in exactly the same way as Zita West. Patients who are seen by me are referred to Dr. Rina Agrawal who are then treated at the at the same clinic group CARE as used by Zita. I was delighted to attend the annual meeting of Zita West affiliates in London on the 1st December 2017 where Zita released impressive figures.

July 2015 – June 2016, based on fresh embryo transfers for IVF and ICSI cycles with patients’ own eggs, under age 35 – London clinics:

Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred
Zita West Clinic 69% 50%
CREATE 47% 41%
ARGC 75% 39%
CRGH 60% 38%
The Lister 45% 38%
CARE London 40% 38%
London Women’s 33% 35%
Barts 36% 32%
Guys Hospital 33% 27%
City Fertility 23% 18%

HFEA national average clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred is 33.4%

All statistics shown have been independently validated. It is important to be aware that success rates have limitations as the basis for comparison or personal choice. To read the HFEA’s advice on success rates please follow this link: All egg collections and embryo transfers are carried out by Assisted Fertility consultants at the HFEA licensed centre, CARE Nottingham, where all our embryology is also carried out. Embryology plays an important role in our IVF success.

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Massive thank you for all your support.

Hi Jackie, E was born on Friday 10th Feb by csection weighing 10lbs 14! She is doing really well and I feel well. Massive thank you for all your support. When I can drive I will come and introduce you Xx


Thank you Jackie. Yes of course her photo and a testimonial – “I approached Jackie after a failed ivf attempt and at age 40 I felt disillusioned. Jackie has such a positive and supportive approach and excellent fertility knowledge. She will be flexible with her availability and I would not hesitate to recommend working with her. We conceived naturally and had our beautiful daughter”. XX

Acupuncture Outperforms Drugs For Infertility, Promotes Pregnancy

Acupuncture Outperforms Drugs For Infertility, Promotes Pregnancy

Researchers find acupuncture combined with clomiphene more effective than clomiphene plus supplementary hormonal pharmaceuticals for the treatment of infertility. The combination of acupuncture plus clomiphene produces significantly higher pregnancy rates for women with anovulatory infertility than clomiphene plus estradiol cypionate and dydrogesterone. The data was published in the report entitled Effects of Acupuncture on the Endometrium in Anovulatory Cases Treated by Clomiphene: A Clinical Observation.


CV6 and Moxa


The addition of acupuncture to clomiphene therapy increased pregnancy rates, lowered the resistance and pulsatility indices of the uterine arteries, and reduced the adverse effects caused by clomiphene. The increase in positive patient outcomes combined with reductions of adverse effects supports the research team’s (Taian Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital) conclusion, “TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] can be either applied alone or combined with Western medicine to up pregnancy rates and treat infertility. With the help of TCM [i.e., acupuncture], treatment for infertility can be more effective while producing much less adverse effects.” [1]

Clomiphene triggers the pituitary gland to produce hormones that stimulate ovulation. The upside of this medication is that it stimulates the release of eggs from the ovaries. The downside is that it may produce adverse effects and it is contraindicated for patients with endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Notably, it may increase the incidence of having twins or triplets. The researchers conclude that the addition of acupuncture to the clomiphene treatment regimen mitigates the drug’s adverse effects and ups the pregnancy rate. Moreover, the acupuncture protocol outperforms the clomiphene plus estradiol cypionate and dydrogesterone protocol. Estradiol cypionate is an estrogen hormone and is often used for the treatment of low estrogen levels. Estradiol cypionate may increase the rate of developing blood clots, melasma (dark skin patches on the face), and may cause other adverse effects. Dydrogesterone is a steroidal progestin used in many countries for the treatment of infertility and threatened miscarriages.

The clinical study was conducted with a semi-protocolized approach to acupuncture point selection. Identical primary acupuncture points were assigned to all patients and secondary acupuncture points were prescribed based upon differential diagnostics. As a variable control, secondary acupuncture point prescriptions were limited to one of three acupuncture point groupings: liver qi stagnation, phlegm-dampness, blood stasis. Patients were not divided into treatment and control groups based upon the diagnostic groups. Instead, they were randomly divided into three groups and then diagnostic decisions were made for the addition of secondary acupuncture points for the TCM treatment group.

A total of 43 patients were randomly distributed into three groups. Group 1 received only clomiphene. Group 2 received clomiphene plus estradiol cypionate and dydrogesterone. Group 3 received clomiphene plus acupuncture and moxibustion. The number of patients in each group was 15, 14, and 14 respectively. Patients ranged from ages 21–39. The preexisting duration of anovulatory infertility ranged from 1–8 years.

We saw our little baby BB again today.

Hello our little xmas angel.attachment-1 I hope you are well. We saw our little baby BB again today. 12weeks 1 day and a real little wriggler. Our dreams have come true and cant believe it….all thanks to you. We are saving the news until xmas day to tell the family. Thank u thank u thank u. Lots of love. L & R and Baby BB xxxx

Big brother is smitten too!! Here’s a few pics!!

Hi Jacqui

Hope you’re well!

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a little girl, Edith Rose on the 19th November, pretty much started gentle contractions after your treatment on the Thursday!
These carried on until Friday late evening when we went to hospital. We arrived at 1am Saturday to be told despite the pain I was only 1cm dilated much to my disappointment! And that I may have to go home as it could be 10 hours before I got to 10cm, however my contractions quickly intensified and I stuck to my guns and thought it doesn’t feel like I’ve got 10 hours to go and within 1.5hrs of being examined I’d given birth!!image1image2 It was v intense, but I kept mobile!! And we were discharged by Saturday lunchtime, v different to my C section the first time around 😊. And we’re all really well, just enjoying the 2nd baby rather than worrying about what they should/should not be doing like you are with the 1st!!

Big brother is smitten too!! Here’s a few pics!!

Thanks so much for everything.

V xxx

Consultant Support Services

We are always looking at ways that we can further support our clients and give a First Class service.

Working with Consultants Dr Rina Agrawal and Dr Soma Mukherjee we can now provide the following services:

  • Support When Travelling Abroad for Fertility Treatment (or Far from Home in the UK)
    • Scans, blood tests, acupuncture and consultant care.
  • Ultra Sound Scans
  • Consultant Care – before and during pregnancy.

Our Consultants

Dr Rina Agrawal

Pre Conception and Early Pregnancy – Working with Dr Rina Agrawal we can give our clients a first class service; ultra sound scans, advice and referral for consultant lead care.

Once you are pregnant, in those vital first few weeks we can offer reassurance ultrasound scans and consultation, providing immediate care and treatment.

Dr Soma Mukherjee

8 Weeks Pregnant – Once you are 8 weeks pregnant we can offer you the fantastic support of Dr Soma Mukherjee, her out standing work with multiple pregnancies and for those that have suffered with pregnancy loss or high risk pregnancies gives our patients the opportunity to receive immediate private treatment and on going care.

Fertility Support prides ourselves on offering the very best professionals giving our patients the very best experience whilst working towards the dream of having the beautiful family they so dearly deserve .

All Scanning and pregnancy services are carried out at UCH Coventry

Hope you’re keeping well!!

Hi Jacqueline,

It’s been some time since I’ve been in touch, but I just wanted to let you know that we had a beautiful baby girl on 22nd September, weighing in at 6lb 15oz (2 days early). Baby Mia is our dream come true!

Thanks for your positivity in the time I spent with you.

Hope you’re keeping well!!

Take care,

A xxx

I’ve done 5 tests but still hasn’t properly sank in yet.

Hi Jacqueline,

Hope you’re well. I can’t quite believe I’m writing this but over the weekend I’ve found out I’m pregnant! I’ve done 5 tests but still hasn’t properly sank in yet. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support. I know how slim my chances were so I know how much the acupuncture has really helped to give me a positive result this month. Would I be able to continue with acupuncture during pregnancy? It has really helped me sleep better and stress less so I would love to continue with it.

Thank you so much

F xxx

I saw this lovely patient for just 4 sessions ,the couple had been trying to conceive for 18 months prior to seeing me , this was to be her 5 th cycle of clomid. Having been diagnosed with PCOS and having only one functioning fallopian tube chances of getting pregnant was only ever going to be every other month. I treated once a week with Acupuncture during her cycle and suggested some other supplements and dietary changes and we were able to get a positive pregnancy test.
Congratulations and very best wishes

Twins weighing 6.5lb and 6.10lb.

Hi Jacqui,

How are you?

x and x were born 23rd Sept both by forceps weighing 6.5lb and 6.10lb.20161004_170925

We spent a week in hospital and have now been home a week. I am still recovering but the boys are doing really well.
It’s certainly turned life upside down and the sleep deprivation is really hard going but we have our miracle babies and wouldn’t change that.
I have attached a photo and once I’m feeling better I hope to bring them to meet you 🙂
Thanks for all your help and support over past year.