Antiphospholipid Syndrome

What is Antiphospholipid Syndrome?

Antiphospholipid syndrome, also known as sticky blood or Hughes Syndrome, is an autoimmune disease that can cause abnormal blood clotting in any blood vessel – both arteries and veins.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome accounts for as many as one in five cases of recurrent miscarriage. Miscarriage is thought to result from the disruption of blood flow through the small blood vessels of the placenta. Although the exact sequence of events isn’t yet clear, without adequate nutrients the placenta fails and the baby is lost. Miscarriage late in pregnancy is very strongly linked to antiphospholipid syndrome.

The syndrome has also been linked to pre-eclampsia, placental abruption and intrauterine growth restriction.

Unfortunately, some women suffer six or more miscarriages before antiphospholipid syndrome is diagnosed and the appropriate treatment given.

How I can help:

  • Traditional diagnoses and in depth consultation resulting in identifying areas of concern
  • Fast tracking to GP for appropriate blood tests
  • Sign-posting to best suited specialists in the treatment of immune issues affecting fertility – I have a working professional relationship with a top consultant in Warwickshire and Dr George Ndukwe through my Zita West affiliation
  • Understanding the intra lipid treatment or IVIG treatment
  • Being able to take blood to send off for monthly testing when necessary once pregnancy has been achieved
  • Being able to support through stressful situations with counselling and relaxation techniques
  • Support blood circulation with acupuncture.

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Acupunture with IVF Testimonial

“I booked in for a free consultation with Jacqui at the start of my infertility journey, having just been referred to the CRM for testing. I felt overwhelmed with confusion and keen to give myself the best possible chance of conceiving. Her deep understanding of my situation immediately made me feel better. As the weeks and months went on Jacqui was the most enormous source of support and solace. I always looked forward to her sessions as a time for myself, and she could always cheer me up with some well chosen wise words of encouragement, a friendly ear, or just a bit of a gossip.

She bent over backwards to accommodate my need for treatments at ridiculous hours throughout the courses of IVF and I know will go the extra mile for all her clients. I can’t say enough about how much it meant to have someone to talk to who truly understands the ups and downs of fertility treatment and infertility. I’m now delighted to say that I’m a mum to a miraculous 6 week old boy, and I really feel like I wouldn’t be so blessed without her help.”

I saw this lovely couple when they were beginning to think about IVF. They had been trying to conceive for 2 years. We spent 3 months in preparation, looking at diet and supplements to help along with regular aacupuncture treatment.

The couple had the long protocol IVF treatment and everything went well. Response was very good for age and we were successful first time. I continued to give acupuncture treatment through out the pregnancy and the couple now have a little boy. They then went on to have their second baby with natural conception.

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Fertility Acupuncture Testimonial

“My husband and I had just had a failed IVF cycle when I first met Jacqueline. I found her details through the Zita West network of affiliated acupuncturists as I was looking for a practitioner with a special interest and expertise in fertility issues. I was feeling very low both emotionally and physically, but Jacqueline’s kind and compassionate nature was obvious from our first session together.

She has extensive understanding of the processes involved in fertility treatment, the side effects of the drugs and the emotional roller coaster that trying to conceive brings. This made her a huge support to me, going through what can be a very difficult process. I looked forward to our sessions because no matter how dreadful or worn out I was feeling I would come away feeling more balanced, with my spirits slightly lifted, ready to face the next step. Jacqueline went beyond the call of duty, making herself available on the day of embryo transfer at pretty unsociable hours to make sure that the acupuncture treatment was carried as close as possible to the transfer itself. She isn’t a 9-5 lady!

Hi Jacqui, just wanted to let you know that — was born on –, beautiful healthy and perfect! Thank you so much for your part in helping him into the world; so grateful to you for everything, will never forget.”

I know how important having a baby is to my patients, trying for a baby for so many can become a minefield of fertility treatments and expensive supplements and whacky ideas. I hope that I am able to bring some calm and rationality to my patients. Many have never considered acupuncture and i do believe that many are shocked at the results; feeling relaxed and being able to get a lovely harvest of eggs for IVF / ICSI being just two of them. Helping get the endometrial lining to optimum thickness before transfer is also helped by acupuncture. I am so blessed that so many people say that my support makes a difference; this makes me feel very humble.

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Fertility Counselling and Acupuncture Testimonial

“I just wanted to let you know how much the six months of fertility counselling and acupuncture sessions helped me, and how grateful I am for the support you provided. You helped me to realise that I was not alone (or going crazy!) in my experience of infertility, and most importantly that I needed to fully express those feelings in order to let some of them go. A simple concept, but one I hadn’t realised I was resisting.

The impact on my well being and relationship with my husband has been so positive, and I can’t thank you enough. I feel it was no accident that I fell pregnant twice during the time I saw you; I’m sure your holistic support, including the acupuncture, was a key factor in us conceiving successfully, and starting our family at last. You have such a warmth, kindness and non-judgmental way about you, I haven’t hesitated in recommending you to a close friend.”

Talking through your emotions can be very beneficial, realising that actually you are not alone and that your feelings and emotions are quiet normal when going through such an emotional rollercoaster. Counselling can be beneficial and in some cases essential in setting the couple on the right track to a successful fertility process.

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Acupuncture for Fertility Testimonial

“After trying to conceive for nearly four years, we started our first attempt at IVF a week after my 40th birthday. Due to the stressful nature of the treatment we felt that a natural therapy could perhaps provide a calming balance. After a little research we decided on acupuncture.

I found that positively concentrating on my body, and taking time out to keep calm and relaxed created a sense of wellbeing and ownership. I found being able to discuss my hopes and fears with Jacqui, who has an in depth knowledge of infertility and IVF as well as the emotional rollercoaster surrounding it, was extremely comforting and a great aid in being able to stay calm and positive during an intense few weeks.

We were delighted and shocked to receive the incredible news of a positive pregnancy test at the end of treatment and are awaiting our first scan.

I am continuing with acupuncture to allay any anxieties and to help me stay calm and positive during the coming months. Oh, and to help with the shock of course!”

I do see great results when treating with acupuncture for natural conception. After such a long road of disappointment, 4 years of trying – then what a gift to see such a happy couple!

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Acupuncture Supporting IVF Testimonial

“I just wanted to take a few moments to say a huge thank you to Jacqui for all her support during my fertility treatment. I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and truly believe that the acupuncture and support from Jacqui were the key to my success.

I first came to see Jacqui in April 2011 and although I needed IVF in the end due to my diminished ovarian reserve, her support, positivity and the treatment through the IVF process resulted in it working first time, even though I only had 5 eggs!

Every visit Jacqui provides you with valuable information, she knows the local hospitals well and is a wealth of reassuring knowledge about fertility. I always felt positive and much more relaxed after seeing her and will actually miss our sessions going forward.

I may be in touch if the baby is late but if not I will pop in when the little monkey is born.”

There is actually quite a lot that can be done to help ovarian reserve AMH levels. It may take 3 months but as I always say to my patients it is “all about the egg”. Acupuncture, supplements and life style changes can help make a huge difference.

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